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Revisiting my closet, but why?

It is very useful to clean and sort your wardrobe every three/four months or so. This way you can find lost items and see what you still have. For me it also helps with folding everything nicely again. It might be weird since I work in a clothing store, but sometimes my closet looks like it has exploded. Revisiting my closet helps to keep track of what I own too.

For this article I went through my (winter) items and found three items that I have not worn in quite a long time. I did not always know how to combine them, but I found the items on itself really nice. By revisiting my closet really helped with finding these lost items and giving them a new purpose again.

Recognizing yourself in this? Then read further to see how I finally combined the lost items!

.Purple top – self made.

This is my purple top. It does not have any other name, since it is a self-made piece. I made it together with a skirt, but when wearing them together it gets a little bit formal. When working for home or when I do not want to look very formal, I never really choose this top because I thought I had nothing to match it with.

My plan to be able to combine this started with looking at all my bottom pieces. I wanted something that did not have a lot of color, since the top already has an outspoken color. And this is what I found:

I am really happy with this finding! I choose my self-made pied-de-poule flared trousers , since they are sparkling my style and joy. Although the print is very out there, the black and white contrasts really well with the purple of the top. For shoes I choose to wear heel Stefanie from Guts & Gusto. One of my favorite pairs at the moment.

.Turquoise knit – mom made.

This item is in my possession for quite some time already. My mother made it for me and that is, next to that I like the item a lot, one of the reasons I cannot get rid of it. It is a little bit oversized, which I like. But oversized items are a little bit harder to style, since I also want to show a bit of figure. Becoming rectangular is not what I am looking for.

So, I went through my bottoms again and decided for light or dark in fabric together with the possibility to enhance shape. I also thought that it might be nice to be able to put it inside my pants, to enhance the shape even better. A way I never worn it:

This is my style! I love the edginess together with the elegance of the top and colors. The colors create a creative color-blocking effect, which looks really stylish and cool. The neckline of the top creates elegance since it shows quite some neck area.

I combined the top with a white with black cargo pants from Bershka (owned for 3 years already), black boots from Sascha (shoe laces around ankle), and socks from a zoo (Ouwehands Dierenpark).

.Fake fur vest – mom made.

Another item made by my mother. This piece has been worn for so many times in the past. But always with one specific outfit. And I still like to wear it that way. Yet, I was wondering if I could style it in different ways as well.

It is quite a dark brown featuring fur and the lining is silk brown. I decided to go for nature colors, a little bit darker colors, and I even found something that added coolness and elegance:

And what a winter outfit is that! The darker items let the vest get its credits very well! All the added items are often worn by me, but never with this vest actually. I am so happy with it that I am wearing it even right now while I make this article.

The shirt is from Modström (absolutely one of my faves), the jeans are Levi’s Made&Crafted (Column Taper Jeans) and the shoes are quite an old collection of Clarks. All quality items that I already have quite some time and items that I will take with me for so many years too.

.Why revisiting my closet?.

I believe that everyone has lost items in their wardrobe. It is a pity that these pieces are lost and not worn anymore. By trying to combine these items with what you already have in your wardrobe, you can find new outfit combinations.

Instead of constantly trying to find something in-store to match it, maybe you already have an amazing match at your home. And maybe the item is not it for you at all eventually. Finding it and being able to re-sell it is more sustainable as well as it being nice for your wallet.

Did you know that revisiting your closet and finding lost items could be part of your road to sustainability?

3 thoughts on “Revisiting my closet, but why?

  1. Fijn artikel! Toevallig had ik vandaag ook zo’n idee in m’n hoofd (‘shoppen in je eigen kledingkast’).
    Je hebt de verloren items leuk gecombineerd 🙂

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