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Written by Yvonne

Recently I decided to unsubscribe from a lot of mailing lists. Mainly the ones regarding shops that were (almost) pursuing me to buy more and more items. I did not feel like receiving a lot of those mails anymore. And I decided to subscribe to some inspiring mailing lists instead.

Some of those mailing lists are very interesting. Therefore I want to share three of them with you today! They will give you daily or weekly inspiration and definitely belong in your inbox. Of course I cannot share specific contents of the newsletter with you, but by visiting their websites you can get a real good glance at the amazing contents!

.The daily good.

I was already a great fan of the website of The Good Trade. They offer a range of inspiring articles with some great tips regarding sustainability and self-care for example. By subscribing to this newsletter, your inbox will be inspired through music, sustainable shops and interesting articles.

This is a screenshot from a newsletter

.Claire and Erica.

Claire and Erica share their own weekly findings in their newsletter. Each of them share a list of products, podcasts, services and more. These will inspire some further reading or maybe even a follow or purchase. The nice thing is that they do not share a lot of things that are quite familiar online. And you can subscribe to this inspiring newsletter here!

This is a screenshot from a newsletter

inspiring mailing lists claire and erica


Are you a lot into cooking and good food? Than this newsletter from Kitchn is something for you! You can subscribe to daily/weekly/momentary newsletters with each their own specific kind of cooking content. Especially their recipes are a favorite of mine. Very unique and they look delicious!

This is a screenshot from their website, but looks like the newsletter

the kitchn inspiring mailing lists

.Do you have any inspiring mailing lists?.

Let us know! This article will grow in time if everyone will add their favorite and inspiring mailing lists too! I am very into newsletters like these and I hope that with this article I have inspired you too.

I also have a newsletter myself! This newsletter is send every last Sunday of the month, containing the articles uploaded that month. I am still working a little bit on this concept. You can find my newsletter at the bottom of my website page.

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