.Valentine ideas for a last minute Valentines Day.

Written by Yvonne

Tomorrow is the day of love! Even if you have a relationship already for quite a long time, Valentines day is usually a day where you do something a bit more extra. But what if you forgot that tomorrow is the 14th of February ór you don’t have any Valentine ideas? I am here to help you out and to find the right Valentine activity!

In this article I share 5 last minute Valentine ideas that you can do and can give you an amazing Valentines day!

.Valentine ideas for the snow.

What is more romantic than enjoying the wonderful snowy landscapes with your Valentine. You can take a long walk through nature or the city. And if you want to support some locals too, get a hot chocolate or Glühwein to take away with you and enjoy the weather and celebrate the love. Of course you can also go ice skating on nature ice! There are probably ice skate spots throughout The Netherlands where you can go.

valentine ideas walk in snow love

.Romantic diner for two.

Dining in a restaurant with your Valentine is a little bit harder now. Fortunately, restaurants come to the rescue and offer dining from home! There are even some restaurants that offer special Valentine boxes. Light candles on the tables, wear your best outfit (and maybe something nice underneath it too), and have an amazing dinner!

.A home made Valentine spa.

Even though the stores are closed, at the drugstores (which are open) you can buy a lot of beauty and skin products. And I hear you thinking: why is that an interesting Valentine idea? Well, if you shop for a nice massaging oil and you buy some candles: there is your Valentines day activity! I love a good massage. And imagine the amount of romance there when there are all candles around in the room. Be aware of fire, because you don’t want to end your day outside of your burning house.

valentine ideas self love own valentine valentines day dry flowers
valentine ideas self love own valentine valentines day dry flowers

.Wine tasting.

Want to cook yourself or not interesting in ‘dining from home’? Or do you want to upgrade your dining experience? You can also book a wine tasting at home (there are also other drink options)! This is a lovely in-home activity that you can experience together with your partner or the loved ones you want share your love with. Next to the fun it is also nice to learn more about the drink you like and to get to know new wine brands in this case.

.Be your own Valentine.

Maybe you do not have a special person to share your Valentines day with. But no worries; You can be your own Valentine! Valentines day is all about love. And it does not matter with whom you want to share that love. It can be your partner, your parents, your crush, your siblings, your friends, a stranger, and even yourself. Self-love is extremely important! You can fill this in how you want. Do an extensive beauty routine, watch your favorite movie, do what you love to do, and even treat yourself intimately for example.

valentine ideas self love own valentine valentines day

The most important message I would like to give you is that Valentines Day is all about love. And it does not matter how you celebrate love. Or íf you even want to celebrate love. And maybe, you can use this Valentines day to write a physical letter to your crush (with or without name of course). That is what this day was originally all about.

I hope this article helped with finding some last minute Valentine Ideas. Love yourself and love your loved ones! Have an amazing Valentines Day!

What are your Valentine ideas for this Valentines Day?

3 thoughts on “.Valentine ideas for a last minute Valentines Day.

  1. Mooie ideetjes! Samen met mijn vriend heb ik een online escape room gedaan in casino thema, dus hij had de hele woonkamer ‘omgetoverd’ tot casino 🙂

    • Dat klinkt mega leuk en gezellig! Online escape rooms zijn ook echt leuk om te doen!

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