.No climate change? Maybe we get used to it.

Written by Yvonne

Some people say that there is climate change going on and some people say there is not. But what to believe? Personally I feel that it is quite difficult to know what is actually going on with the world. Information is sometimes hard to find and when found contradicting. And today I want to talk about the statement that there is no climate change. But the current weather situation in The Netherlands is contradicting this a bit.

No climate change? I think that we might get used to climate change.

.Climate change.

The definition of climate change is that the climate is (simple said) changing. This means that weather conditions alter and therefore some countries have to deal with difficulties. Think about all the floods and all the fires that are happening around the world. Maybe those happen due to the climate change.

David Attenborough explains more about this in his documentary.

.Maybe there is no climate change?.

As we hear often, people say that there is no such thing as the climate change others talk about. In one way this might be true. When we look at the past of the earth we see that there are a lot of climate changes. The ice ages are good examples of that. Also a series of volcanic eruptions can cause changes in nature. Both causing major organism extinction.

Changes in the earth’s atmosphere are not so new therefore. But why is this so called ‘climate change’ different from the rest? Due to gas emissions caused by human behavior sunlight rays are blocked and warm up the earth more than usual.

I once heard that a climate change like this was predicted, but not caused by human factors (the source to this statement is missing since I do not recall when it was). It was a cyclical change that the earth usually has. But now, the human factors helped to speed up this change. Shifting the earth to extreme weather conditions like heat, cold, floods, fires and more.

The way we address climate change might therefore be different than what we actually want to say.

.Maybe we get used to it?.

A week like what we encounter this week might be an example of why we get used to the climate change and therefore not notice any slight changes.

For the ones not from The Netherlands, this week there has been snow storms through the country. On top of that it stays freezing for a whole week. The last time this happened was 10 years ago (2012) (KNMI, n.d.). The last years there had been a little cold and very few times we were blessed with a little bit of snow, which disappeared over the night. In the past, weather conditions where snow stayed for a week or when it was able to ice skate on nature waters were quite normal.

Our infrastructure was build upon these conditions. But what happened now? The snow and cold are causing major transportation issues. For one whole day, the country was put on hold. Now, slowly, people are able to move again. We are not used anymore to the weather we once new as normal.

I begin to think that we get used to the changes of the climate. What do you think about this topic?

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