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What a sweet solution of Tony’s Chocolonely!

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I think we are all quite familiar with the chocolate bars from Tony’s Chocolonely. They are slave-free, from good ingredients, have interesting flavor choices, and are absolutely delicious. And now they came up with a sweet solution. Maybe the covers of these chocolate bars look familiar, and that is exactly the genius part of these new bars. Because, indeed, they are based upon chocolate bars that we already know. But what is so different? Let me tell you!

.Background information.

These new chocolate bars are made according to the 5 cooperation principles for slave-free cocoa. These chocolate bars are therefore the start of a petition to demonstrate that all the chocolate should be made with slave-free cocoa. Which they are usually not. And the hardest thing is, customers won’t get to know this easily.

The current cocoa price is extremely low, with a consequence that farmers do not have enough money to properly live. They do not have any possibilities to get out of this poverty viscous circle. Which has to change, because it leads to modern slavery and child labor. It is time for a sweet solution.

At the moment that I write this, already 54150 people signed the petition!

.The sweet solution.

The left bar is the Tony’s version of Toblerone. Chocolate combined with nougat without any slavery and for a fair price. Also the bar on the right is one of my loved chocolates, but a little harder to recognize in this shape. This one is referring to Ferrero Rocher! And I am looking forward to taste it!

I think these two are the best recognizable: KitKat and Twix. And that makes my list of favorite chocolate ‘bars’ almost complete. It is almost weird to think that all these original chocolates are missing something in their making process and therefore chosen for this Tony’s project.

Tony’s Chocolonely Sweet Solution

4 ps. €12,75

These four chocolate bars are, as mentioned before, made according to the Tony’s standards to create a sweet solution. They prove that all chocolate, regardless of shape, size or taste, can be made in a fair and responsible way. I still have to try them myself, and I will share the opinions with you on my Instagram account (@yvonnebruincom).

Another interesting fact: Profits from the sweet solution bars will be donated to 100WEEKS. This is an independent platform that helps women break the cycle of extreme poverty with money and financial training.

I am ready for this change! What do you think of it?

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