.Screen free activities to re-boot yourself.

Written by Yvonne

I see it more often: people taking the challenge of a screen free day. Doing screen free activities can help with being more productive. Next to that, being more screen free will be less harmful for your eyes. Besides using less screens during work is something nice, being screen free during free time is even as satisfying.

Therefore, today, I share 5 super nice screen free activities to do if you want to be a little bit creative and relax at the same time! Let the screen free activities start! Of course after you have read this inspiring article 😉

.Make your own dry flowers.

This first activity is immediately one that might take longer than the other screen free activities I want to share with you. However, that does not mean that this activity is not fun to do. Making dried flowers consists of several steps that are relaxing, fun and easy.

Firstly you need flowers of course. You can purchase those at a floral shop or maybe nature has to offer you some nice ones too. Be aware that this might not always be legal to do. You can dry them by hanging them upside down. By hanging the flowers upside down, the leaves will stay up. Next to that, you can also flat-dry them in-between a book for example. That is also amazing for displaying them as a painting for example!

Choose some different kinds of flowers, leaves and branches. And I will assure you that after some time you will have your own amazing dried bouquet!

.Make a drawing.

Making a drawing can be done in multiple ways. You can for example use a piece of paper and a pen or you can go completely digital. But then of course there will be another screen, so I want to focus on drawing and painting with actual pencils and paint.

I used to paint sometimes with my grandmother. She is a lovely hobby painter and taught me a lot of things. Painting and drawing are a kind of creative meditating. It makes me relaxed every time. Therefore I really like doing it, but I have to do it more often.

I also can recommend those adult coloring books. With some colored pencils you can make beautiful drawings without thinking about what you are making. The only thing to think about is which color should fit which part.

.It is time to clay, babe!.

This screen free activity is actually one I have not done in a really long time. I think that the last time I made something with clay was when I was really little. And I wanted to shop some oven bake clay somewhere, but then the lockdown started and all stores had to close. But hopefully soon I will be able to clay!

I have seen so many cool things to clay on Pinterest which I really would like to make. And I also really enjoy those claying videos on TikTok, YouTube or Instagram. Especially the ones where they do pottery, those are so soothing and satisfying to watch. And getting that satisfaction without the use of a screen means: it is time to clay, babe!

.A screen free vision board.

Online I see a lot of influencers making vision boards. The idea is that these boards represent what you like and want to achieve in life. These things could even be very extraordinary or things that are more close to you already. And the only thing you need: old papers and magazines. Just grab a board (canvas, cardboard, etc.), some glue, scissors, and image resources. And you are ready to start working on your future!

I have never made a vision board, since I am afraid of destroying those beautiful magazines. This results in me having a lot of magazines currently out of use. Which is a pity of course. So, you can guess what I will be doing soon!


If you have a needle and some thread you can do a lot of things. With just a few colors you can create the most lovely creations. There is a lot of inspiration to find online, together with some very easy embroidery techniques.

You can use embroidery to mend broken garments, but also as purely decorative addition. Grab some pillows, shirts, hats, bags, whatever and ‘attack’ them with your needle and thread!

If you get better with your skills of embroidery you can do it during other tasks as well. I even had once that one of my coaches was doing her embroidery work during one of our meetings.

embroidery on jeans screen free activity

.So, let’s get screen free now.

I hope that this post inspired you with some screen free activities that will boos your creativity as well. On top of that, these will definitely give you something to enjoy and they are even recommended to do together with friends (digitally or – preferably now – physically).

Which activity will you start with?

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