.Easter decoration and activities to do this year.

Written by Yvonne

It is almost Easter. And that makes me think about lovely weather and a ton of flowers. I celebrate Easter every year. In the past, we used to celebrate it with friends of my parents. Each year the other family had to organize an activity to do. This year, unfortunately, we have fewer opportunities during Easter due to lockdown. Therefore I would like to give you some inspiration. With Easter decoration and activities to do this year!

For me Easter is connected to decorating the room and the table into a lot of Spring feeling. Next to that I always like it to do something with family together. And this time COVID-19 acceptable of course.

.Making Easter Eggs.

Painting, painting, painting! This is such an amazing activity to do during this lockdown period. Well, actually, always. Give your creativity a boost by painting on eggs! Recently I discovered a lot of lovely and stylish ideas on Pinterest to paint on eggs. And I was overwhelmed by my urge to make those myself as well. So, I did!

When painting an egg to use for an Easter decoration and activity, you need to boil the eggs a bit in advance. You have to do this to make sure the egg is not too warm anymore. This way you will be sure that the paint will react well enough. And then it is time to paint! I used some acrylic and children’s paint.

What do you think of my creation?

easter decoration and activities painting eggs
easter decoration and activities painting eggs

.Do a city food-tour.

On my social accounts, I saw some people doing a food-tour in a city of choice. Some restaurants and cafes are bundling together to make tours that spark your taste. These tours are a fun activity to do and you will also get to know some new places to eat in the future as well.

To make this extra special, choose a different city than the ones you already know. Not knowing where you are going and what will be waiting for you is extra exciting! And you will also be able to discover new spots in a city. Some that you wouldn’t discover when you visited the city normally.

.Bunny cupcakes.

I love bunnies/rabbits and I also love baking cupcakes. So, what do I have to say more?

When you see these pictures I found on Pinterest, you might understand why the combination of both is absolutely amazing. They are Easter decoration and activities all in one! Baking and decorating cakes is a fun activity to do together. Maybe you can even make a challenge out of it! The cakes will also look amazing on the Easter table.

.Scavenger Hunt.

I do not mean the regular hunt for Easter eggs in the garden or in a park. Although, that is another great activity to do during one of the Easter days. I remember that my parents used to do that when my brother and I were a little bit younger. Now that I am thinking about that, I might be hiding some eggs soon.

But what I want to point out here is doing a different kind of hunting. You can make a Scavenger Hunt yourself, or you can do something like Geocaching. With both I have great experiences and would definitely recommend trying it yourself!

.Unique Table Decoration.

We have a bit more time maybe this year to spend extra on the table decoration. And you do not even need to purchase (a lot of) new items to create a lovely Easter table. And if you want to purchase something, go for something that you could use more often (new tableware, re-usable decorations).

I always love it to decorate the table. During Easter, Christmas, whenever, I will be loving it to take some time to decorate the table. Therefore I wanted to inspire you for decorating as well. Find some amazing looking tables here!

.You are ready for some good Easter decoration and activities!.

Hopefully, my tips were of use to you. Personally, I will be doing some of these definitely, so maybe I am lucky that Easter is two days.

I hope that everyone can still have an amazing and lovely Easter this year. Just like a year ago, this year will be a little bit weird. But make it one to remember! Last Easter my boyfriend and I were allowed to go outside again after an isolation of 3,5 weeks. 2nd day of Easter we went outside again and could enjoy the lovely weather together with our families.

What are your Easter traditions?

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