.Ekoplaza and JouwBox introduce you to eco food and care.

Written by Yvonne

I believe that healthy and ecological living is super useful for yourself as well as your environment. And today, I have some new products to share with you! JouwBox asked me to receive their Ekoplaza and JouwBox collaboration. Since I have a great experience with as well JouwBox as Ekoplaza, I couldn’t say no. This month the box was filled with goodies and I am super excited to share them with you today.

As mentioned this box is a collaboration between Ekoplaza and JouwBox. By receiving this box you can easily explore biological products. Ekoplaza envisions that the bottom is the foundation of everything. By taking care of the earth, we will receive healthy and tasty products in return.

Enjoy all the products and get inspired with what Ekoplaza has to offer!

.Weleda – Almond softening showercream.

ekoplaza and jouwbox weleda

200 ml €7,99

Weleda offers a mild shower sensation by offering products without synthetic foaming. This product is extremely soft for the skin and therefore very suitable when your skin is sensitive. It respects the natural balance of the skin and tries to support that. The scent of almonds is clean and soft. Of which I am a great fan!

ekoplaza and jouwbox weleda

.Your Organic Nature – Seeds cracker mix.

ekoplaza and jouwbox cracker mix

2×18 crackers – €3,59

I love crackers. And I also love baking. A mix like this really fits my needs. A little while ago I even made my own bread! Therefore I am super excited about this mix and I will definitely make them very soon. Cannot wait to eat them.

Ekoplaza and JouwBox did an amazing job by adding this item to the box!

ekoplaza and jouwbox cracker mix

.Botanique – shampoo bar pomegranate.

Ekoplaza and jouwbox shampoo bar


I use shampoo bars whenever I wash my hair. They work very well and are not so heavy for my curls. This shampoo bar is (next to being plastic-free) free of palm oil! Sometimes shampoo bars contain this ingredient, which is quite bad for the planet. The product looks robust and is 100% natural cosmetics.

Did you know that 1 bar can take you as far as 3 bottles of shampoo?

.Cleo’s – Blossom Love.

Ekoplaza and jouwbox tea

18 bags – €3,79

Any other tea lovers out there? I can enjoy a good cappuccino, but I always am in the mood for a cup of tea! Just like the previous boxes, this Ekoplaza and JouwBox edition contains a tea as well!

Flower/green teas are ones I really enjoy throughout the day. This tea from Cleo’s is nice, yet not my favorite. I cannot say why, but there is something in the taste that holds me back a little. A positive factor of the Jasmin is that it helps super well with getting a bit sleepy!

.Artic Blue – pure arctic fish oil.

Ekoplaza and Jouwbox visoil

60 capsules – €12,90

This is a product that I don’t use. For multiple reasons actually. I do not enjoy the scent of fish and I do not use suplements.

There is a positive thing about this fish oil. To make this fish oil, no extra fishes are killed. Arctic Blue has the MSC-certificate for this!

A nice product for the ones using it, for me not my favorite product of the box.

Ekoplaza and Jouwbox fish oil

.Innerme – Protein Bar Chocolate.


This protein bar is a great way to snack some chocolate, but still eat a ‘healthy’ snack! And protein bars can help a lot with fulfilling the human daily need for proteins.

Protein bars are eaten a lot before sporting, since the nutrition help with building your muscles. And something else that makes this bar great: it is biological and vegan.

.Chi Natural Life – Aloe Vera Cooling Gel.

Ekoplaza and Jouwbox aloe vera gel


Every summer I use a lot of aloe Vera gel. This gel helps cooling down my skin, especially if I accidentally sunburned myself. So, receiving this aloe vera gel in the Ekoplaza and JouwBox box is amazing! My previous one is almost empty.

You can use this gel for all skin types and not only useful after a sunburn. Also using it as an after shave or for irritated skin. It is absolutely a panacea!

.Loveshock – Salted Pecan 80%.

Ekoplaza and Jouwbox loveshock


This looks super delicious! I am a big fan of chocolate, chocolate bars, and also pecan nuts. So, this bar is a match made in heaven.

I was a little bit confused since it mentioned ‘Plastic free’. Because it seems as if there is plastic on the inside. But this is not actual plastic like we know it!

So, it is plastic-free, biological, and made from the best raw cacao standards. What do you want more?

Ekoplaza and Jouwbox plastic free

.Frankly Juice – Organic Ginger Shot.

Ekoplaza and Jouwbox ginger shot


Another new thing to try for me: a ginger shot. That is what I like about boxes like these. Being able to test things that you might like but never tried yourself.

I always see a lot of influencers doing ginger shots. I feel like this is still quite much, so I probably will share it with a friend to test it!

Ginger shots are known for ameliorating the immune system. I am very curious!

.Ekoplaza – Arabica quick filter coffee.

Ekoplaza and jouwbox coffee

I mentioned I like tea, but also a good cup of coffee. And if I choose a kind of coffee I will choose Arabica. During my first job I had to make coffee with Arabica beans, and that is when I started to drink coffee. The name Arabica has some special place in my heart.

These Ekoplaza beans are also fair-trade. And that is something to strive for. More products should be made in a fair and ethical way!

.Dr. Hauschka -Rose Bath.

Ekoplaza and jouwbox  bath milk

30 ml – €6,95

In my student home I (of course) do not have a bath, but my parents have one. Therefore I took this product to their place. This way we all can enjoy this rose bath milk.

I was quite surprised that this JouwBox contained bath milk. Maybe also because you don’t hear a lot about these kinds of products anymore since the rise of LUSH bath bombs. But good bath milk is super softening for the skin!

.Dr. Martins – ice coffee, coconut cappuccino.

Ekoplaza and jouwbox


I have to speak fairly with you. I am a great lover of iced coffee that you can purchase in the supermarket. But this one was not my kind of taste. And that was quite sad, because I was so enthusiastic about it! When pouring this vegan drink into my glass, the scent and color were a bit off. Still I wanted to try it out. But eventually I had to throw it away..

This product was not for me..

.Gkazas – Biological Virgin Olive oil.

Ekoplaza and jouwbox  olive oil

40 ml – €2,29

A good olive oil that will also suit amazingly as a present! The looks are amazing and I used it for cooking sometimes already and it is a great oil!

This oil farm is from Crete, where the soil is contained by goats and sheep that walk there freely. Cooking with this oil brings Greece a little bit closer to home. What do I miss that country for holiday! Hopefully soon I am able to go there again!

.Orthica – B12-1000 SR.

90 pieces – €25,50

Unfortunately another product I do not use. And hopefully I can make someone else happy with it.

B12 can be a great addition to your nutrition. These pills are made in such a way that the B12 stays in your body for a longer period of time. A good thing if your body cannot do that itself.

Ekoplaza and jouwbox  b12

.Chocolat Stella – 80% pure choclate.

Ekoplaza and jouwbox  chocolate bar

100 gr – €3,39

Can I say that this is absolutely my favorite product of this box? I AM IN LOVE! This bar is exactly what I am looking for in an 80% dark chocolate bar. I have to be aware that I do not eat it all at once, but I would feel sorry if I did. A little piece at a time is already lovely since the flavor stays in your mouth for long!

Definitely will purchase this one again! Thank you Ekoplaza and JouwBox for introducing this product to me!

.Vitals – Saffron LCS biological.

Ekoplaza and jouwbox  vitals

90 capsules – €29,95

The most expensive product of the box and one of my least favorites. This is because I do not use supplements, like I mentioned before.

The funny thing is that I did not know Saffron was something that could be in a capsule. It is known that saffron has a positive effect on your mood. And I was surprised by this! Saffron is usually super expensive in the supermarket if you want to use it for dinner or something.

Maybe when feeling down these supplements could work for you to feel a bit better!

.Bee Hones Cosmetics – Hand soap natural.

Ekoplaza and jouwbox  bee honest cosmetics


I already own and use some products of Bee Honest, an I am quite happy with them! Ekoplaza and JouwBox surprised me with this hand soap! How fitting can a product be in a time where we have to wash our hand more than ever.

And this soap is not a harsh soap. It protects the skin and helps in recovering after washing. The beeswax is super mild and works extremely well for sensitive or irritated skin.

.Thoughts and conclusions on the Ekoplaza and JouwBox collaboration.

I have some mixed feelings about this box. There are some products that I absolutely love, but also some products that are not my taste. For example, the vitamins that I don’t use feel like a bit of a waste. Hopefully, there is someone that I could make happy with those products. Overall, I really enjoyed the exploration of all these new products that are good for yourself and good for the environment. That is definitely a reason why I like the JouwBox! Although this box was less my fit, I also wrote about an earlier box with more products of my taste!

Are you interested in exploring new products with JouwBox? There are only a few boxes left of this Ekoplaza and JouwBox collaboration! So be quick if you like it! You can even purchase it at the Ekoplaza stores. And the Ekoplaza booklet was added with some recipe and food information!

.Extra information.

I would like to share some extra information about JouwBox that would clarify the number of products, costs, and memberships. On www.JouwBox.nl you can find more information and the ability to order boxes or take a membership.

Single box
Amount of products: 17
Retail value: €140
Available for €49,95

Member box
Amount of products: 17
Retail value: €140
Available for €39,95

As you can see, the member boxes are €10,- cheaper than ordering a single box. If you decide to take a membership, you can always stop/pause it at any moment.

Is the JouwBox something for you?

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