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Fotofabriek offers self-make garlands!

You have to hang up the garlands yourself in your life. That is a Dutch saying which I believe is super true. I am always working on making my own life working and happy. If you want something, you can fight for it. But sometimes, hanging up garlands is also something to do for decoration and/or celebration. Luckily, Fotofabriek offers self-make garlands!

With just a few clicks you can already make lovely garlands to celebrate whatever you like. From a birthday to a memory. The choice is up to you!

.Fotofabriek Self-Make garlands.

fotofabriek garlands beach self make

You can easily make your own photo garland via the website of! Already with 12 flags for €9,99!

fotofabriek garlands beach self make
fotofabriek garlands beach self make

Fotofabriek offers a lot of different products which you can customize with your own pictures. From making photo books to garlands, they have it all. Through their website, you can easily use their program that enables you to see and test how your potential product might look when being printed. There is even the option to add text or stickers in every shape and form.

Something I personally think is very important for such services is the photo quality check. And Fotofabriek offers that too! It is super important that if you want to order something, the quality of the picture is good. You can still decide to order when you do not have a better quality picture, but a better picture will enhance the print quality.

.My choice and conclusion.

I already tested more products from Fotofabriek. And each time they surprised me with their quality. So this time, I had high hopes. And they came true! I decided to print pictures from my beach vacation last summer on the garlands. The ones that follow me, and know me for a longer period of time, know that I used to live near the beach. And it has a special place in my heart.

I hung the photo garland above my bed. And the greatest thing is: I can see the ocean from my pillow! I know that I will have amazing dreams from now on. Drifting away on the waves of the ocean.

What would you celebrate with these garlands?

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