.I followed PUMA Academy masterclasses to grow.

Written by Yvonne

Something I sometimes miss during my studies is learning about personal growth. And especially about how to present myself and how to get better at this. Through my algorithm I was targeted to be interested in PUMA Academy. Not knowing what this was initially, I decided to get more information. And within 5 minutes I was subscribed to their new semester of PUMA Academy Masterclasses.

Today I will discuss my thoughts upon PUMA Academy masterclasses. The masterclasses that could be followed live are finished. But by subscribing on their website you can still review them.

following puma academy masterclasses

.PUMA Academy.

We might all know PUMA. They offer shoes and other sportswear for man and woman. On top of fashion, they decided to step up for having more woman in top positions and therefore decided to launch PUMA Academy. A place where woman (of course man are also welcome) can grow personally and even entrepreneurially.

The nice thing about the PUMA Academy masterclasses is that they are completely free of charge. There is no need for you to pay any money and still you can follow the masterclasses. By doing this, PUMA enables young woman to be able to learn without needing the resources to pay. Showing that growth is possible for everyone at any time.

Usually those masterclasses were in real live. Unfortunately this year this was not possible. On an online platform, a live stream was shared. In a chat area viewers could ask questions, give each other tips. Without knowing or seeing each other this almost felt like we were connecting and visited the PUMA Academy masterclasses in real life.

The masterclasses come in semesters. Each semester containing 3 speakers who will give 3 masterclasses of 1,5 hour. This semester the masterclasses are about knowing and presenting yourself, how you can chance the system, and personal branding.

.My thoughts.

I followed the masterclasses from Hanane Abaydi (from semester 2) live. She talked about how we can change current systems and therefore make a change in this world. With beautiful inspirational videos and explanation of personal core values and systems, Hanane inspired me to think more deeply about myself, my impact, as well as my purpose.

puma academy masterclasses

Since the other masterclasses were not on times that would fit me, I decided to look them back. Those subjects would help me to grow personally and using the knowledge in my future and career.

I can definitely advise you to check out the PUMA Academy Masterclasses website, where you can get inspired and learn to become the better version of yourself. Concluding, from these masterclasses I already learnt so much that I am also already interested in going to the masterclasses of semester 3!

Following these masterclasses is part of my personal growth process, as well as my desire to read more books.

Had you heard of these masterclasses already?

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