.Meat-free recipes for beginner vegetarians.

Written by Yvonne

This week I am doing the ‘week without meat’-challenge. I call it a challenge now, but I do not eat so much meat regularly. But this week I want to be more actively thinking about eating meat-free! I think that experimenting with food is absolutely a nice thing to do. Since experimenting with food was my 2020 resolution, which resulted amazing, I take this with me during my every-day life still. And cooking meat-free is a great way to get creative in the kitchen!

To help you in your meat-free week, or with inspiration for eating vegetarian, I have some amazing recipes for you that are absolutely delicious! I share the original recipes with you, to credit the ones I got them from. But I have made them as well myself!

.Caprese Courgette.

You want to eat meat-free, and also really easy? This recipe is definitely of your taste! You only have to cut some greens and mozzarella, put it in the oven and you are almost done!

Maybe you feel like only eating this courgette is quite empty. Luckily eating it together with fresh (self-made?) ravioli is absolutely delicious. An easy, healthy and meat-free meal. What do you want more?

Find the recipe for this Cougette Caprèse here: Anniepannie.nl

.Pasta with bell-pepper and halloumi.

There is one meat substitute where you can wake me up for: halloumi. It is a bit more expensive than other substitutes, but absolutely amazing. It is a kind of cheese and by grilling it it becomes delicious.

This recipe takes some time to make, but it is worth it! The bell-pepper sauce is quite some work. You have to roast them and puree them. But this work is absolutely worth it!

Check this delicious Hello Fresh recipe here: Hello Fresh.

.Spicy pumpkin curry.

Want something different than pasta or the Italian kitchen? Luckily there are many more recipes that are meat-free! I am also a big fan of this pumpkin curry! Who says no to curry and naan?

I remember making this curry in a greater amount than needed, so I could freeze it in! This meant less waste production together with always having a lovely meal to prep! For rice, I cooked a fresh portion if needed.

Does this recipe sound like music to you? Let’s go make it: Jenny Alvares (dutch, but easy to translate).


Meat-free ánd low in carbs? Than this meal is your deal. Next to that, this recipe is made super quickly! We might already know that courgette is an amazing substitute for pastas (and therefore carbs). Also this recipe shows how creative you can get in the kitches by using this lovely green!

An ingredient that will make this ‘pasta’ less Italian is the touch of mint that is added. Of course, if you are not into mint you can leave it out. But this recipe shows that playing with flavors is a fun and delicious thing to do!

Check the Dutch written recipe here: lovelyhealthy.be

.Savory Pie with spinach and goat cheese.

And last but not least! My all time favorite quick recipe. With just a few ingredients you can make this meat-free savory pie which you do not want to stop eating.

The recipe is showing a gluten free home-made dough. But if this is not something you desire you can also use savory pie dough from the supermarket and use that instead. That is what I usually do.

You cannot go back after eating this! Ohmypie.nl

Are you ready to get creative in the kitchen? I will be! And I love to search on Pinterest for more lovely recipes worth making. If you are interested in what I put on my board, go follow me! There will also be recipes with meat, but if you are a vegetarian you can of course leave that out or replace it with some meat substitutes. Which are also a good tip if you find it difficult to switch to a meat-free diet.

What is your favorite meat-free recipe?

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