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Outfit repetition – 6 different pieces, 6 outfits

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As the title already suggested, the article of today will be about outfit repetition. There are some things I would like to discuss around this topic and I would like it to give you some inspiration on how to do some outfit repetition yourself as well in an easy way. With only 6 items you can make 6 different outfits. Making you look different every day!

I would like to start by mentioning why outfit repetition is not happening but should be happening. Followed by my personal outfits!

.What & why – Outfit Repetition.

The definition of outfit repetition is super simple: re-wearing items that you have already worn. For the day-to-day wear of ‘normal’ people, this is not a big issue. But in the celebrity world, this actually is. Here on the left, we see Kate Middleton in the same blazer-dress/coat, but she wears it on different occasions. And what will the media do? Ask themselves if she does not have anything new to show. And in my opinion, this has to stop. Why should people need new items for every other occasion? Why does a woman (because this usually happens with female celebrities and people) need to wear a different dress to every prom she attends?

In a day-to-day wear, repeating outfits usually happens a lot. But what about wearing one piece multiple times, quite close after each other? Sometimes it is seen as dirty or weird if someone wears the same outfit for two days. But of course this does not have to be. And there is a simple way how you can repeat pieces, without having the feeling that you always look the same: outfit repetition! More precisely, item repetition.

With outfit repetition, a smaller wardrobe is needed and you can get more fun out of the items you have in your closet. This is also part of making a sustainable wardrobe! And to find fun combinations with pieces that fit together (surprisingly) well is super satisfying. Making a completely new look with items that you already own!

.How to do it?.

It is actually super simple. You take one item of the outfit you are wearing today and you will wear that one the next day as well. Now, take another piece of the new outfit and combine that one again. Outfit repetition is super easy and you can wear so many different combinations! Here are my 6 different items, created with only 6 pieces that I already own for quite some time!

outfit repetition 1
outfit repetition 2
outfit repetition 3

As you can see, with only 6 items I created 6 completely different outfits. Each fitting another occasion as well. And what a looks! I really want people to do this more often and take this kind of ‘challenge’ idea with them. Revisit your wardrobe and find items that actually go so well with the ones you also own!

My items:

  • Top from Native Youth (second handed)
  • Trousers from Native Youth (second handed)
  • Suede skirt from Zara
  • Striped top from Levi’s
  • Column Taper jeans Levi’s
  • Linen Blouse from Cotton Club

.Will you do it?.

I am super excited to know if you will be repeating your garments in such a way as well! And if you did, please let me know and share your outfits with me on Instagram (tag @yvonnebruincom)! Let’s inspire each other and let’s make the world a little bit better regarding consumerism.

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