.Currently Loving: products and activities – April 2021.

Written by Yvonne

April is almost over and that means that I want to introduce something! From now on I want to share my currently loving products more often. Every month (possibly), I will share some products and activities that I am currently loving. Hopefully, they can help you with finding new lovable products or activities!

This last month I rediscovered some things, as well as myself. Working from home had to be broken up, so I have been working at university more. This really helped me to become a bit happier again. I had too many dips during the week, so I wanted this to change. And it did!

.Currently loving the most.

I saw this at a friend of mine. She was doing this already for a while ago: painting on numbers. And guess what I am currently loving the most? Painting on numbers, indeed! I already showed my passion for art from the 17th century on my Instagram (@yvonnebruincom). And now I am able to try painting like that myself as well!

On my Instagram, you can follow my whole process of painting. With painting on numbers, the only thing that needs your attention is the searching of the numbers. Furthermore, it is just all resting and getting away to a creative space.

This is becoming a painting from Johannes Vermeer: The milkmaid. And the funny thing is, the painting was actually called ‘the kitchen maid’. Maybe museums liked the milky name better.

currently loving painting number

.Mineola fruit.

currently loving mineola fruit

A super random currently loving: Mineola! This is a kind of orange, but I just love it. I eat it in salads, just after lunch, in my yogurt, or whenever I feel like it! Of course, I always change my fruit continuously. This way I do not eat the same every time. But now I really like these.

Do you have a favorite fruit? I prefer the ones that remind me of the summer right now!

.Old, but fashionable.

My old Converse All-Stars! I am happy that I never threw them out when I thought they were too old. For some time, I used them as my painter and renovation shoes. Therefore there are some paint splashes left on the fabric.

And that is exactly why I like their look so much right now. They look so super old, but combining them with some chic and cool items will make them super fashionable! I am loving them so much again!

.Loving your skin.

For this subject (skincare) I wanted to share two products: the Naobay Orange Juice hand cream, and the La Rosée mask stick! The first one is definitely ‘currently loving’ since it makes my hands soft again. All that washing is so bad for the skin of my hands that I have to take extra care of them. The mask stick is a facial care product. Currently loving it, because of the looks, usability, smell, and feeling! It softens and cleans my skin.

.Make-up favorite.

Finally, I want to share this make-up primer. With just a super little dot, this primer makes sure that my make-up will last very long! I do not wear super much make-up, but I like it whenever my under eyes are looking brighter than they actually are ;). This primer is from Figs & Rouge. I have to say, it is not cheap. But I think that that is the only downside of this product.

And that was it! Hopefully, I was able to inspire you a bit with a few of my favorites. Maybe next time I will also share some recipes. But I shared my favorite one already last week! Please let me know your current favorites in the comments! I am super excited to read everything!

3 thoughts on “.Currently Loving: products and activities – April 2021.

  1. Mieke | Miek’s Mind says:

    Mineola is zo lekker! Blij dat ze weer in de supermarkt komen want lekkerrrr!

  2. Jouvence says:

    Wat leuk zo’n soort blogpost! Die roze Converse zijn erg leuk en ben benieuwd naar de mask stick.

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