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Get rid of waste more easily. Bye, Bye packaging

If there is one thing I learned more and more during the last years, it will be getting rid of waste. It sometimes sounds difficult, and I still struggle with some waste streams that I create. But there is something that really helps me with reducing waste, and even making more delicious food.

Bye, bye food packaging! Let’s get rid of waste!

.DIY it, instead of pre-made items.

One of the first times I did this, I was making some curry paste myself. And this was the moment that I also realized that making myself is way more delicious than what I bought in the supermarket. You have to invest a little bit in all the spices. But in the end, you get way more out of it than you would when purchasing pre-made pastes.

.Get rid of waste – pizza!.

Of course, I cannot leave you with empty hands. I had to share a good recipe with you! One that is easy to do, does not need a lot of tools, and is super delicious! I recently had a pizza workshop, remembering me how easy (and cheap) it is to make a good pizza at home. I want to share some tips from there here as well, hopefully inspiring you as well to make more yourself.

get rid of waste pizza


Good for 2 pizzas.

Shopping list: Flour, 250 grams type ’00’ such as La Tua Farina, Caputo or Le 5 Stagioni. Try to find type 00, rather than regular bread flour. Yeast 5 grams (Molino, dr oetker, etc.). Salt. Water Lukewarm, 135 ml Olive Oil extra virgin. Usually, waste is produced through the packaging you buy this in. A plus here is that some stores offer to bring your own packaging, or you can buy in paper packaging, or you can buy more in bulk. All ways to reduce waste or generating less harmful waste.

For the topping, you will only need some Roma tomatoes (3-4) for the sauce, and any topping you prefer yourself. This is the part where you have quite some opportunities to go wasteless. For veggies, you can use a reusable grocery bag as well!

get rid of waste


Mix the yeast with the water. Mix the flour with a little bit of salt. Now it is time to mix the two first mixes together. You can initially use a spoon to do this. Add a little bit of the oil. When the mixture is a bit clumpy and dry you can mix it into a ball with your hands. Cover the sides and bottom of a bowl with oil. This is for resting the dough (it will grow 2x or more). Leave the dough in the bowl for at least 2 hours. The best way to rest it is when you cover the bowl with a slightly moist cloth.

Prepare the oven at a high temperature (250-280 degrees). Already heat the container/plate in there as well. Whenever the dough is ready, make two balls, and use one for each pizza. Flatten the dough onto the heated plate. Use your pureed tomatoes as the sauce (you can add some oregano for example). And make sure you cover it slightly (not too thick). Now decorate your pizza to personal preferences!

Bake the pizza for 10 minutes (approximately) in your pre-heated oven.

.Let’s get used to this.

Now I shared a way to get rid of waste through food. But also in the world of cleaning (and much more), you can easily reduce waste. If you are interested to learn more about this, please follow me in my journey. Where I explore a lot of possibilities!

For food, I try to make as much as possible myself. Including, not ordering so much food. Sometimes it happens that I am not able to do so, but by doing it whenever possible I am able to reduce my amounts of waste production a lot. And hopefully, I inspired you as well today to start reducing waste!

Where do you reduce your waste?

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