.My current Netflix Fashion series tip!.

Written by Yvonne

The ones who follow me on social media might know this. There is currently one series that I watch a lot: Velvet. I see this series as a Netflix Fashion category, something that is absolutely my cup of tea. One for the fact that it is all about fashion. Next to that, it is about the 50’s/60’s. A period of fashion and design that inspires me a lot. So let me explain a bit about it more. Why should you watch Velvet? And what are my favorite aspects?

.What is Velvet about?.

Velvet is a fashion house that is located in Madrid, Spain. They create haute couture, and have therefore their own atelier and work with great designers. There is a lot of luxury in the series and the differences between classes are super relevant and highlighted. The story revolves around the romantic romance between Alberto Márquez (Miguel Ángel Silvestre), heir to a prestigious fashion house, and Ana Rivera (Paula Echevarría), who works as a seamstress in the atelier.

Since they both are from a different class, their love relationship is hard to maintain. And a lot of unfortunate moments occur that hinder their love story. This brings a lot of drama into this Netflix Fashion series. But that also makes it better to watch. And the series is not only about Anna and Alberto, the other workers in the fashion house have their own and combined storylines, showing Velvet as a family.

Velvet has 4 seasons, afterward, a second series (Velvet collección) and a film have been produced.

You can watch them all on Netflix.

.Why do I like this Netflix Fashion Series?.

I am a fan of two things in these series: fashion & the 50s. Fashion inspires me, and mainly how fashion is made and designed. I also make my own garments, so that is maybe also the reason why a series about a fashion house (like Dior or Chanel) is really my cup of tea.

For the 50s there are two things that I like. I like series that are based upon the past. Other examples are Outlander and Bridgerton. But the 50s have a specific aesthetic in design and fashion (e.g. streamline) that I always have liked. I cannot explain really what it is, but it keeps me inspired. It is so chic and cool at the same time. It contains a lot of power, something that I admire.

netflix fashion series velvet

.Velvet inspires me.

Since I have been watching these series (currently I am almost at the end of S2 of Velvet Collección), I have more and more thoughts upon fashion designing. And I realized that a combination between the styles we have now and the styles that were there in the 50s and 60s is something I love. Even so much that I have begun with drawing more and more fashion items. I think that is the main thing that happened to me when watching these series. The only thing I like less is the length of episodes. Approximately, an episode is 70 minutes. Quite some time, indeed. But still, I love to watch Velvet!

netflix fashion series Velvet

What kind of series do you like?

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