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Shop more sustainably online. What, why & how?

Luckily the physical stores are opening up again. Still, the online stores are booming and receiving a ton of orders a day. And as the title already says, that is what we will be focusing on today: how to shop more sustainably online. Personally, I find it important to minimize your footprint where possible. And when shopping online, there are easy steps to take that can help you in your (new) goal to shop more sustainable!

From materials to shopping behavior. I will share some easy tips with you today!

.Stop buying multiple sizes.

I know, sometimes it is hard to shop online. Especially when you are not familiar with the store’s sizing charts. Nevertheless, it is important to stop shopping multiple sizes and sending the ones back that you do not like anymore.

To be able to find your size you can use the size charts of the brand. Almost every web-shop offers them and will help you in finding your fit. It is a super big waste of transport (and with that CO2) if you know beforehand that you will send items back.

.Check the packaging composition.

Every day, more and more shops are working on making their packaging and transport options more sustainable.

For packaging, some boxes and sacs are made from compostable materials or recycled materials. It shows that the company does not want you to produce more waste. This can also be a little bit greenwashing, but sometimes businesses really care. This is something to recognize when only the outer box is sustainably made, or when there is still a lot of waste after opening up the package.

Regarding transport, it is better to pick up your package at the store or at any pick-up point. The truck will already drive that way and therefore it will save CO2. Some stores also offer bike transport, which is super fun and nice (and you probably support local shopping)!


Know your materials! It is important to look at the materials. Not only from a sustainability perspective, but also from a wearing perspective. When you are more familiar with fabrics and you know which ones you like more, you can check if the item can already be of your taste.

Personally I avoid polyester items. Not only because it is bad for the environment, but also because it makes me sweaty and stinky. Something I really do not want anymore.

.Buy what you need.

To get a more sustainable wardrobe you have to limit your purchases to items that you actually need or will wear more than once. The fast fashion industry supports fewer wears by minimizing quality and maximizing the number of collections released a year. By being aware of this, you can shop more sustainably.

And if you really see something that you do not necessarily need: make sure that you wear it more than once. You can make sure this is possible if you shop for something that will match items that you already own.

shop more sustainably

.Now, start to shop more sustainably.

Hopefully the tips I shared with you today are helpful with shopping more sustainably. Sometimes it might be hard and sometimes you might have to say ‘no’ to something that looks amazing. But by reflecting on your current shopping behavior and the desire to change that, you will get better at it each time.

I remember from myself that I found it so difficult to stop purchasing unnecessary items anymore. But now I almost feel guilty when I do it. And I don’t even know to whom I feel guilty.

My goal is to shop more sustainably, and yours?

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