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Make a vision board, remind yourself of dreams

vision board making april 2021

Usually I never (but like, NEVER) wanted to cut in my magazines. Still, I always kept them and never threw them out. Why? I thought it was a waste of all the good information. But foremost, a waste of beautiful pictures and fashion inspiration. And now I decided to change it. I wanted to make a vision board!

A vision board will help you in remembering your dreams. What makes you happy? Maybe it is time to work towards that! I share a trick today to remember what you dream of.

.Vision Board making.

Maybe this is even called ‘vision-boarding’.

Making one is easily done and you only need a few things. From magazines of your interest. There you will find the most things that inspire you or are in line with your style. Next to that, you need scissors, glue, and something to paste all the snippets on. I used some foam board that I had leftover from my studies.

And then you will start making!

vision board making

.My Vision Board.

On my board, we see a lot of different things. From fashion to luxury, all is there. But what can you actually extract from it? I see a lot of clean fashion, something I really like (minimalistic, cool, classy, powerful). I also pasted the designer Yves Saint Laurent at his desk, sketching a dress. The work of French designers like him really inspires me.

My board also shows colors, different materials, and different making styles. For example, the scooter stands for the streamlined style from the 1950s. This style is amazing in my opinion.

Combining all the styles and subjects you can really see what I like and what I want to do. And I desire to combine this in my work as a designer together with my passion for materials and fashion. And I want to do more with that and into that direction.

vision board april 2021 yvonne bruin

I am super excited about my vision board and I am also very curious about yours! Please share your vision board with me via the socials (@yvonnebruincom) and let’s keep reminding ourselves what we want and desire!

What are you dreaming of?

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