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Can we change the environment, as individuals?

The environment will always be a hard topic to discuss. Because everyone is thinking differently about it. Especially when it is about if an individual can change the environment. But that is exactly the topic that I will discuss in this article.

I already want to mention that I do not know the most about the environment. Especially not in what the perfect solution would be to change the environment. I even think that there is no perfect solution for this issue. But we can try to get as close to perfect as possible.

.Do you really want to?.

The environment is so big and complex that it is hard to grasp it. And when do you grasp it? Or what does it feel like? It is this superficial thing, almost, that we are thriving to save. Yet, we do not really succeed. It might be the algorithm, but everywhere around me, I see companies rising. All having amazing solutions and products which help us in our habitual consuming. Fortunately, only from products that have a natural origin.

And this all sounds amazing. Still buying, while being less harmful to the environment at the same time. And it is better than the products we bought before. Still, this new way of consuming is not getting us where we would like. The environment is still struggling with us, as parasites on the planet.

I believe that if we really want to mean something in this quest to change the environment, we need to change our way of living. And this is something to do as a society, as humanity.

change the environment, or else

.Where is change really mattering?.

Change cannot happen through individuals, who are trying their best at living sustainably. Sometimes even in a way that the quality of life becomes questionable. Maybe, living like that as an individual will caress our ego. Yes, we are living great. And yes, I am so extremely good for the environment. But the world is not changing. How is that possible?

There are some big players in the world. One of which I am a fan, sometimes. Namely, the fashion industry. Industries like these destroy the planet, because of us. They think in business models, following the desires of the customers. Of us.

.Change the desire, change the environment.

Easy as that, you might think. But that is not the case. Being able to change the environment will come from two directions. The industries need to change, but the consumers must as well. Making a change, as an industry (without greenwashing, because that deserves its own blog post), can inspire the other players in the industry as well. And not only that, also the consumers will be introduced to a new way of consuming/living maybe. But consumers can desire products, or a way of living from the industries as well.

And that combination might be the hardest challenge to solve. Everyone has their own interests, causing a conflict. And for something as big as this issue, these conflicts will not stop rising.

Are you ready for change?

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