.JouwBox June ’21 – Fruity and Blooming.

Written by Yvonne

Let’s get back with a bang! From this weekend on, I will be able to post more again. My project is (almost) over and it is time for Holiday! To get back in a sparkly way I have this JouwBox June review ready for you. I received this box full with 11 fruity and blooming products, that I would love to share with you!

JouwBox is a great opportunity to get introduced with new (bio/eco) products. Every quarter of a year, or once to try, JouwBox will bring you food and beauty products to explore. At the end of this article you will get more information upon how this works! Enjoy this article!

This JouwBox was received as a barter deal.

.Oolaboo – eco shampoo bar.

Jouwbox Juni Oolaboo shampoo bar

70gr – €15,50

As mentioned previous times here on my website, I adore shampoo bars. They are great in multiple ways. One is that they save plastic waste and they are great to travel with (no fear of leakage). This shampoo bar from Oolaboo contains vegetable oils that offe hydration for your hair, panthenol takes care of your scalp, and argan oil together with jojoba oil bring elasticity and protection. The scent of this bar is absolutely great! Will enjoy using this bar until it is completely finished. Which will take a while, because shampoo bars can be used for a long period of time.

Use the code OOLABOOXJouwBox15 to get 15% off at the Oolaboo shop!

Oolaboo Jouwbox June 2021

.Erica – Shower Bar Power Hibiscus.


This is a new product for me, but totally in line with the previous one. Helping me to get more plastic free! Now I cannot only wash my hair with a bar, also my body will be washed with a bar. Going back to how people used to shower. Shea butter, Almond oil, Aloe Vera extract, and Camille with Indian lotus will take care of your skin with a flowery scent.

Let’s get our bathroom plastic-free, without stopping to enjoy a lovely spa moment!

Erica Shower Bar JouwBox June
Erica Shower Bar

.5th Season – Organic Fruit Salad Bites.

5th season Jouwbox June bites


Ever tried freeze-dried fruits? I had never before I received this cute bag in this JouwBox June. Inside this box there are salty and sweet strawberries, banana, and apples. It was a taste experience I never had before. I think I liked it, but I need to get used to it still. I do feel like this is a lovely way of snacking without eating too much unhealthy food.

Use the code JouwBox20% and receive 20% off on the website of 5th Season Fruit!

5th season fruits

.Mudmasky – Vitamin Infused Eye Serum.


The skin around our eyes is super thin and sensitive. Causing that part of our skin to show ageing in an early stage already. A mix of vitamin A, together with vitamin C that are inside this mask will be seen as a super-food for the skin around your eyes. After all the deadlines and stress, this is definitely something my eyes can use now. I am already familiar with the products of Mudmasky, and I am a fan! My skin always feels super fresh after usage!

Promotion: Order the MUDMASKY Classics Pack and receive 2 Hair Masks for free!


.Lemon-Aid – ChariTea Red.

Lemon-Aid ChariTea JouwBox June


Want to have a cooling drink? This ChariTea is made from real tea leaves, and because of the little sweetening, this drink is low in calories. First of all, I want to compliment the bottle. It is made from glass and the size is perfect for re-use (vase, drinking bottle, you name it). So, after you finished your drink you can recycle it! The taste is still something I need to get used to, but I like it! It tastes healthy, but not in a bad way!

.Tastea – HorsePower.


This beautiful and chic-looking tin can contains natural and pure tea leaves. When you open it up, a great sweet scent is coming right at you. There are even dried raspberries in there! The price is quite out there, but the can is really big. Leaving you with pure and natural tea for a long period of time. And just like the last product, you can re-use the can for a different tea blend or for something else!

Would you like to try it? With the code JouwBox15 you can save 15% off on their website!

TasTea JouwBox June

.Weleda – Pomgrenate Bodylotion.

Weleda JouwBox June

200 ml – €15,99

These sunny days and all the sunscreen, showering, and sun will be harsh for your skin. Taking care of it well is therefore important to do. This 100% certified natural skincare product form Weleda might be a great product to use at the end of the day. This bodylotion will prevent early signs of skin ageing and stimulates cell renewal.

This JouwBox June is ready to give our skin a boost right now we need it!

.We Love The Planet – Lip Balm Velvet Shine.


After the first time I tried a product from We Love The Planet I wanted to discover more of their products. And here is my second experience, a lip balm! Previously I worn a lot of lipsticks and such. But lately I am more into natural balms that take care of my lips. The packaging of these products are great for the environment and also on the inside, the balm is eco friendly! I am a fan!

Shop all the products on the site of WLTP with 10% off when using the code WLTPXJouwBox10! You cannot combine this with other promotions.

We Love The Planet JouwBox June

.Vitality – Basic Supplements for 1 week.

Vitality JouwBox June


A lot of people use supplements every day, which can be super beneficial as an addition to the normal food intake. Personally I do not use a lot of supplements. With one main reason being that I do not like swallowing pills. Therefore, this product was less of my interest. Luckily I have some friends that do use supplements that I can make really happy with these kinds of products! They will not go to waste.

This JouwBox June also contained a Masterclass Vitality, where you learn how to take care of your body in a right way! This masterclass is worth €20,-.

.OERsterk – Guide to a better life.

Pocket-size – €2,95

With a small size you can take this guide to a better life with you, everywhere you go. Helping yo to live a healthy, but still comfortable life!

OERsterk JouwBox June

.Mattisson – Collagen Powder Peptan type 1.

Collagen JouwBox June


Before I received the JouwBox June I learned about Collagen being important against skin ageing. What a coincidence that I received this product in the JouwBox! This is a kind of vitamins that I would like to try. You can use the powder to add to your yoghurt or shakes. An easy way to give your skin and bones a little bit extra! I am not a vitamin-knowledgeable person. If you want more information upon this product, you should visit the site of Mattisson.

.Thoughts and Conclusions on this JouwBox June.

I really liked this box. More products that are not only vitamins. Especially because this box is super fruity and blooming in it’s style. I will continue using almost every product in this box, and I was able to discover products that I never tried before.

Are you interested in exploring new products with JouwBox? There are only a few boxes left ! So be quick if you like it!

.More Information on JouwBox.

I would like to share some extra information about JouwBox that would clarify the number of products, costs, and memberships. On www.JouwBox.nl you can find more information and the ability to order boxes or take a membership.

Single box
Amount of products: 12
Retail value: €170
Available for €49,95

Member box
Amount of products: 12
Retail value: €170
Available for €39,95

As you can see, the member boxes are €10,- cheaper than ordering a single box. If you decide to take a membership, you can always stop/pause it at any moment. There is a pre-order promotion. When ordering the JouwBox now, you will receive the e-book OERsterk cooking (€25,-) for free!

Is the JouwBox something for you?

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