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The way to remind memories

I love it to make memories. For the ones who follow me for a longer period of time already, it is known that I photograph a lot. I, almost, always have my camera with me. And one of the things I like to do with my photos is making a photo album of them. Now, asked me to make a photo album. And I had the perfect memory to remind through a photo album: my vacation to Olang and Como last summer! I will post about the holiday itself soon, but now I want to share my amazing photo album with you!

Making a photo album at

When I am making a photo album I always want the composing to go as smoothly as possible. has an online composing tool that works super easy and efficient. You can upload your photos, select the page you want them on, and use a template or own composition to create the book you desire.

Personally, I always want to have my picture as big as possible, making a composition together as well on the pictures. My books contain no white spaces. This is of course a personal preference, but this way I always feel like I can almost physically go back to the moment. Really reliving and remembering the moment as it was.

My opinion on the quality of the album

And now, the most important part: what is the quality of the album? I really like the quality of the album, especially because it was made super quickly. I think I received the album within 5 days, and this is super fast for the printing and sending of a personal photo album. Sometimes regular books already take 5 days.

There are some photos that do not seem printed as snatched and sharp as they actually are. I always make sure that the pictures I use are of the best quality. But sometimes it seems as if that quality is diminished a little bit, unfortunately. However, I am super happy with the book and I add it enthusiastically to my collection. The price, quality comparison together with the delivery time, and composing tool are really good. So, making a photo album at is definitely trustworthy and qualitative.

Rating: 4 out of 5.

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