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How to treasure hunt in vintage stores? This book will tell it all.

I always thought that vintage stores were a little bit dull and did not have anything interesting to score. However, this did not seem to be true. Nowadays when I discover a new vintage store nearby, I pinpoint it to visit it in the future. I see it as a new spot where I am able to treasure hunt for all the pearls out there. I am not the best at it, and I believe that there is always room to learn. Luckily, Uitgeverij Snor sent me a treasure of their own: Schatzoeken! A book written by Marlous Snijder and Anki van Wijnen with tips&tricks and inspiration to find treasures in vintage stores! This book is all about treasure hunting in a unique place. In this review, I will share my thoughts on the book and the tips!

treasure hunting in vintage stores
how to treasure hunt in vintage stores

Book information

Title: Schatzoeken (Dutch)

Author: Anki Wijnen & Marlous Snijder 

Design: Casper Boot 

ISBN: 9789463141260 

Amount of pages: 144 

Size: 28,5 x 22,2 

Version: Hardcover 

Price: € 21,99 

General impression

I am familiar with the books of Uitgeverij Snor, and they never let me down. With this book, this is the same. Just the cover is worth looking at only. The title font is metallic print, making it feel like a treasure on its own. The colorway is chosen very well in my opinion. It stands out. The size of the book is quite large. This will make it harder to take the book with you to read some tips on the way to the vintage store or through the vintage store. However, I think that this is not big of a deal.

On the inside, the book is gorgeous as well. Bright colors (mainly pink and blue) strengthen each other very well. Not only does this make the book more fun to look into and read, but it also enables the pictures to stand out properly. The pictures are beautiful and show the hunted treasures extremely well. Already causing my excitement to go treasure hunting myself!

What is the content like?

Throughout the book, multiple inspirational things are shared. Where you first get introduced with vintage stores, it being a sustainable choice, how to find your style, how to search and find, distinguishing fake from real, and some addresses where you can go treasure hunting yourself!

Every chapter also contains a part about the house of a different person than the writers, where multiple treasures are located. The owners share their tips on how they like it to treasure hunt and what they did to make their scored items their own. This is very inspiring to read about since every house is different! Next to that, I like it to look into other people their homes, through the windows, to see how they set up their space. Always very inspiring!

how to treasure hunt in vintage stores

This book is not only inspiring, but it also gives me the right handhelds to go treasure hunting with. This is, of course, the main purpose of this book in general. The setup of the book is super clear and guides the reader through an, almost, strategic plan when going for a quest through a vintage store. It is inviting and exciting to read and motivates me to dig a little deeper when I am at a vintage store myself in the future as well.

how to treasure hunt in vintage stores

Throughout the address sections, Marlous and Anki share some reports from vintage stores that deserve some extra attention due to their uniqueness or items. This is a great way to filter and find the right stores for you to visit as well.

Throughout the book, the information is shared in a very relaxed manner. This way it is fun and easy to read. The content itself is very inspiring and makes me think about amazing possibilities regarding DIY projects! Because that is what this book does: it is a shot of inspiration.

how to treasure hunt in vintage stores
how to treasure hunt in vintage stores

Is this book a treasure to hunt?

Yes, I definitely think this book is a treasure on its own already! It is beautiful to look at, easy to read, containing the tips that I am looking for. What do I want more? Some good places to go treasure hunting, and even that is covered. I think the book is complete and a great, inspirational, guide to a new way of consumerism. Where we buy, and maybe even upgrade, the things that were loved before by someone else. A great message to spread further. Because vintage stores are not dull, something that this book proves to me again. It inspires me, and maybe even you, to find items that are pre-loved and very unique to spice up your home.

Check the Instagram of the writers for more treasures: @treasure_fest

Rating: 5 out of 5.

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