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Are you a puzzle fan? Then you need this photo puzzle!

I love puzzling. Every year I used to participate in an actual puzzle competition (NK puzzelen). This is a Dutch event where you have to make a 1000 piece puzzle as quickly as possible with a team of a maximum of 4 players. You cannot use any helps and your table space is limited. Our fastest time is around 2,5 hours! However, the records are around 45 minutes, which is actually insane. During this competition, we always puzzle a specific brand of puzzles. But when I puzzle at home, all puzzles are welcome! And may I have received an amazing kind of puzzle from A Photo puzzle!

A photo puzzle might not only be the perfect thing to buy for yourself when you are a fan of puzzles, it might also be a great gift for other puzzle fans out there. In today’s article, I will review the photo puzzle from and let you know if it is worth it!

photo puzzle yvonne bruin

General information

Studentendrukwerk offers several sizes of photo puzzles. From a small one to a big puzzle, everything is possible. All the sizes can be done portrait and landscape. These are the options:

120 pieces – €12,99 / 252 pieces – €19,99 / 315 pieces – €24,99 / 500 pieces – €29,99 / 1000 pieces – €37,49 / 1500 pieces – €49,99.

photo puzzle yvonne bruin
photo puzzle yvonne bruin

The box

The first impression, the box, was not that great. Unfortunately, the box was very basic looking. I would have preferred a box with a picture of the puzzle on the top and the side. This would be more useful, especially if you have multiple photo puzzles. Then all the boxes would look the same.

When opening the box you see a picture of the puzzle as a guide of what the puzzle should look like eventually. The photo puzzle itself is located underneath this picture. Not in completely loose pieces, but the puzzle is parted into 4 pieces.

The photo puzzle

I chose a photo that would not be super difficult to make, while still having a great memory to puzzle. I made this photo when being on a trip to Hong Kong, three years ago. This trip was so incredible! Having this memory in a photo puzzle is amazing. The print quality of the puzzle is really well and the image is printed very sharp. The puzzle bricks are glossy. I am not really sure whether I like this or not, because I am used to puzzles that have a matt finish.

Making the puzzle was very enjoyable! I liked that the picture is recognizable. During the puzzling, I was wondering whether I would discover details of the picture I have never seen before. So far, I have not seen anything, in particular, that was weird or funny. But that would be something nice to discover during a puzzle spree.

photo puzzle yvonne bruin
photo puzzle yvonne bruin

Would I recommend this photo puzzle?

I am a little bit in doubt. Having and making a photo puzzle is really great and something I would recommend you to do as well if you are a fan of puzzles. However, the looks of the box are really a downside to me. But overall, this does not make the puzzle bad or stupid. does not only offer puzzles to print on. They have an amazing variety of products like wall decoration and t-shirts!

Rating: 4 out of 5.

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