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Get your shampoo bar foamier with this product

I think that I am using shampoo bars for almost two years now. And I really enjoy using them regarding the zero plastic usage. However, I have had quite some struggles regarding getting my shampoo bar foamier. I did not like it to rub the bar on my hair, and creating foam in my hands which I will put on my hair did not feel effective enough.

But I found the ideal product that will get my shampoo bar foamier in a sustainable manner. On top of that, it solves another issue when showering with shampoo bars.

Loofy’s bar bag

Let me introduce the shampoo bar bag from Loofy’s! The must-have for every shampoo bar user. I can’t believe that I am the only one having struggles with my shampoo bars, and therefore I believe that everyone is being helped with this ‘innovation’.

I discovered this bag when my mother was going to order some of their scrub bars. In the accessories section on their website, I saw this bag and was wondering what it could do. When I read about the product I saw that this bag was ideal for making your shampoo bars foamier. So I decided to purchase it and test it.

Loofy’s shampoo bar zakje – €5,37

Are my shampoo bars more foamy?

Yes, they are!

In reality, there is even way more foam on my hand than visible in this picture. So, yes, this ‘simple’ bag can definitely make my shampoo bars foamier than before. Currently, I am using a shampoo bar from bee honest (shampoo & conditioner).

Having more foam means for me that I can wash my hair better. I don’t like it when my shampoo is only put on the top of my head, but also underneath and on the sides of my head. Whenever there is too little foam I can choose to use more shampoo or I don’t feel like it was cleaning very well.

It works because of the holes in the fabric. They rub against the bar and each other, and this causes bubbles to form. You can compare it a little bit with bubble blowing. Where the soap covers the hole and opens up like a bubble.

I even feel like using this directly on my head instead of rubbing it in my hands. Because it feels like a good way of distributing the right amount of soap over my head and hair.

What is the other win?

This bag from Loofy’s will not only solve the issue of not foaming enough shampoo bars, but it also solves breaking shampoo bars’ troubles. When your bar is reaching the end and gets really thin, it might break. This bag will keep all the individual parts together which, again, eases the use of shampoo bars.

And when your bar is (almost) done, you only have to put a new bar in the bag and your showering can continue!

Rating: 5 out of 5.

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