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Personalizable rings and sparkling earrings, jewelry that will upgrade your stash

Jewelry, I always like it a lot. However, I am not wearing many different pieces. I have a ring that I never take off (I made it myself), and a bracelet which my niece has as well. On top of these two items, I mix and match different other jewelry items, preferably ones that have a personal connection to me or ones that fit my outfit really well. Today I would like to highlight two new jewelry pieces from KAYA jewelry that I have added recently to my stash! I received one of their personalizable rings and beautiful starry earrings with small gems.

How do I like them and would I recommend their shop? You will discover that in this blog post. Enjoy reading!

About KAYA Jewelry

KAYA jewelry started when the daughter of the owner (Kaya) wanted a matching pair of bracelets with her mother. They were unable to find pairs and therefore Tanja decided to start making them herself.

From that moment on, KAYA only grew. Not only in customers, but also in the kinds of jewelry they offer. From personalizable rings, necklaces with names, and charm bracelets, to mother-daughter jewelry and items for men. You can almost name it and KAYA has a piece of jewelry that will fit your needs.

KAYA delivers the jewelry in the most unique and very beautiful boxes. They are soft pink and have a grey ribbon to close them. It really feels like a present for yourself. And it would be a great gift for someone else as well. I was surprised by their look. I had no clue what the boxes should be like. So, when I received them I was happily surprised. Something extra: the order usually fits through the opening of the mailbox.

Personalizable rings – ‘Mini Disc’ with initial – 925 sterling silver

I chose one of KAYA’s personalizable rings with a mini disc on top of a minimalistic ring. On the disc I let my initial being engraved in white. And I am in love with it! I think this ring made it to one of my favorite jewelry pieces. It is very minimalistic, which I love, and the personal touch is not overwhelming.

Great to these personalizable rings is that you can choose the color, the engraving color, the engraving itself, and even the font of the engraving. This way, you can make an amazing present for yourself or for someone else.

22,90 (click)

Sparkling earrings – North Star – Gold plated

I think I never received so many compliments on a new piece of jewelry in such a short amount of time. This already shows how great these earrings are. They did not only look amazing on the website, they even look better in real life. The shape is unique and the sparkles are so pretty. Even the quality is amazing. They feel sturdy and I think I can combine them with a lot of different clothing pieces as well. Even the chic outfits would be a good match.

€24,90 (click)

Would I recommend KAYA?

100% yes! Their items look amazing, they have a great amount of choice without losing the overview of all that there is there. And for the price you have to pay, the quality is better than expected. I am a fan and I think that KAYA is a great partner for gifts for yourself and for others.

Rating: 5 out of 5.

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