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Hosting a perfect picnic – Perfecte Picknick book review

The winter is over, spring is in the air, and the sun is shining. Which could only mean one thing: hosting a picnic! And what if I told you that Uitgeverij Snor (book publisher) published a book that helps you in hosting the perfect picnic for yourself and your friends. In today’s review I tell you whether they make their promise come true!

I always love to go out with my friends and chill in a park, on the beach, or near the water. And a lot of times it involves snacks and drinks. Having a perfect picnic for me includes delicious, healthy, and fun food. Which preferably is home-made. And let this book provide exactly that!

Perfect Picnic – Perfecte Picknick

A Dutch book

Authors: Charlotte Fielmich
Design: Alexandra de Vries
Photography: Saskia Lelieveld
Size: 211 x 149 mm
Price: 14,99
Amount pages: 112
ISBN: 978-94-6314-1345
Available: Now!

mme Charlotte, perfecte picknick, perfect picnic, book review

Perfect Picnic is written by Charlotte Fielmich, aka Madame Charlotte. She divided the book into different themes: picnic on the beach (spring), in the woods (summer) or on the water (autumn). Recipes for the best takeout food from Ricotta Zucchini Cookies with a fresh yogurt-mint dip, fish cakes, a chic pissaladière to the perfect fried chicken. Plus an explanation of how best to take this divine food with you.

Sweet recipes are also discussed, such as the authors’ favorite cake Matcha cheesecake with green tea and pistachios. The picnic book is completed with recipes for homemade drinks such as iced tea with rooibos & raspberries. With the dishes that Madame Charlotte chose for this book, it won’t take hours before you can leave the house with your picnic basket.

Citroen gember limonade, mme Charlotte, perfecte picknick, perfect picnic, book review
mme Charlotte, perfecte picknick, perfect picnic, book review, iedere picknick een outdoor feest

My opinion

Do I believe that I can host the perfect picnic with this book? Yes! The recipes are (or seem, because I have not tried all), delicious and very easy to make. What I also really like is the fact that the recipes can be eaten cold or warm. This is perfect in my opinion because a lot of times a picnic takes some time or during the travel, the food will cool down. A pity if this would influence the taste.

The recipes themselves are very varied. Which fits a good picnic. From sweet to sour to bitter, etc. All taste buds are being triggered through this book.

Next to that, I also really like the graphics and photography in this book. It enhances the feeling of ‘gezelligheid’, which is typical of a perfect picnic as well. As well as that I always want to see the food before a recipe appeals to me. In my opinion, a picture tells so much more than just the text and ingredients. So it really is a must for me if I buy a recipe book so that I can see what it is that I am about to make.

The styling made me think of another Snor book: Limonade. In which multiple mocktail recipes were shared.

Rating: 3 out of 5.

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