Studio Bruin

Industrial Design Studio & Photographer

Design portfolio

Design has the ability to create new innovative products and services. And I would like to welcome you to my world of design, where I share the products and services I have created over the past years. Take a look, enjoy, and when interested, get in touch!

Sparkling design


I am a creative thinkerer who is not afraid of a challenge. I use my skills to think outside the box as an advance in ambitious projects. To pick-out the value and story and to lay focus on the things that make it work. Throughout projects I reflect on actions with strategic thinking. Is the concept still embracing the desired value? And will the project fit with the needs of the customer? Through creative diverging and strategic converging, my projects stay organized and relevant. With an outcome that fits the stated problem.

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I believe that design has the power to create desired value for its users and society. On top of that, the environments they live in. Design should be used to create products and services that we actually need. Beautiful products that help with making people’s life positive, better, and more comfortable. Through a critical view and with a focus on the user benefits, designers can create (hybrid) designs that solve complex problems. With the use of value based design, products and services can be tailored to the needs of the user and other stakeholders.

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