Winner 31st HEMA Design Contest

HeyMe is a system with which attendees of a festive moment, can easily share photos and videos with each other, look back and use them to make a photo book, for example. When there is a party, this can be indicated in the app and the attendees can be registered by scanning each person’s personal QR code on their HeyMe amulet. All attendees can share and view photos in a common cloud.

HeyMe solves the problem of missing photos and makes reliving memories and making photo albums more fun and easier.

With HeyMe I won the HEMA Design Contest Jury Price! I am super excited to work with HEMA on the development of HeyMe.


Activity HEMA Design Contest 2021

Year 2021

Duration contest was 2 months

Prototype An interactive prototype

If there is a new event, it can be indicated in the app. People can register as present via their QR code. The code on the amulet is scanned and the system associates that person with the event. Is someone just coming in and the person who created the event is on the toilet or in a conversation, no problem. When you are registered as a participant, you can also add other attendees! Because you celebrate a party together.

When someone is added to the event, they can upload photos they want to share with the other attendees at the party. And HeyMe can remind them to take pictures themselves by sending randomized push notifications during the event. At the end of the party, a holiday, a wedding, etc., a message can be sent out to all attendees as a reminder of uploading the media.

Then, after an event, the photos can be selected directly in the app to have a photo booklet or individual photos printed. Everyone can do this themselves or you can give this to each other as a thank you or surprise.

Via the timeline, you can see which events you experienced when and with whom. This timeline is therefore personal to everyone.


Check a Dutch article from Cursor about my nomination here!