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To help shopping with allergies

CAPS was designed with the user in mind. Throughout whole the course my group and I set a target group, which had to be researched completely to be able to create a design especially for them. Our target group was children with allergies. Children might want to buy things themselves in the supermarket at a certain age. Though, when having an allergy this might not be so easy. Therefore we designed CAPS, a scanning device that will enable the user to mention their allergies. When scanning a food product containing a harmful ingredient, the scanner will give a warning. This warning can be used to delete the product from the list or to keep it if it is for someone else. Though the target group is children, the device is made in a way that it can also be used by parents for example.

By making personas and doing ethnographic interviews the target group got defined better and better. Based on the target group some requirements were set for the design.

After researching the target group you know what your customer wants or expects.There is knowledge of what your device should do, which experience goals it needs to satisfy and what its constraints are. The next step is making a set of all the possible designs. These designs had to be evaluated with the use of the requirements.

  • The interface with the scanned products. If a product contains a harmful ingredient it will be mentioned at the right.
  • A screen graphic of the allergy warning.
  • The prototype. Drawn images can be slided through it as a story.
  • A target user case map.


Activity Course – User Centered Design

Year 2017

Duration 8 weeks

Prototype experiential prototype

At the start of this course I was really excited, because I immediately thought we were going to design for a specific user group. I really wanted to learn how to make/design something which could have a big value in someone else’s lives. And this course seemed to fit into that desire. The course offered several techniques on how to find the value and how to integrate it into a desired design.

As a designer you should not only be able to design the things you like and need, but you should also be able to design for other human’s needs. By involving the user group in the research process, you really connect with them and are more able to meet people’s interests, needs and capabilities. To make sure the outcome of the design process will be easy to use for the target users.