Studio Bruin

Industrial Design Studio & Photographer

Internship at Design2Gather

For my minor option during my bachelor I decided that I wanted to experience the field of product design in a real life context; I choose to do an internship at a Dutch national company. I choose Design2Gather to be able to learn hard-skills like sketching and 3D modeling. Next to that I wanted to learn about what I could mean for a design company and what it is like to work at a small design studio.

I cannot show what things I have actually made, due to a non disclosure agreement.

Video 3D model animations


Activity Minor РInternship

Year 2019-2020

Duration Half-a-year

Company Design2Gather

My activities

During my internship I worked on several design cases for different clients of the company. These varied from solving graphical issues, working on branding, designing a new household product, etc. I was able to explore the process from ideation till production, due to the small company scale in their Dutch office. Working outside of the faculty at university showed me how designing in the real world looks and what I am already capable of. I learned how to make nice looking sketches and drawings and I learned how to make a 3D model. These were both skills I wanted to achieve during this internship. Together with the other intern I have made the current website of Design2Gather. I learned how to translate the brand into a lay-out, which helped me with the projects I was working on too.

It was an amazing ad educative experience for me. And I would definitely recommend it to other designers to do.

A sketch I made as a learning activity.