Studio Bruin

Industrial Design Studio & Photographer


Increasing the value of clothes by adding a personal touch

The goal of the project is to prolong the life of clothing by increasing the value of the garment, through personalization and bonding with the owner. During the project my group and I worked with several material explorations and sample creations before we found a way to express our initial idea. In the end we created FIDLIE with the use of the embroidery machine and we printed images on fabric with the use of sublimation.

Fidlie is designed to enhance the intrinsic value of ones’ clothing. It consists of an upper
body garment containing customizable hidden features. Each feature holds a memorable picture provided by the consumer. By uploading an image into the FIDLIE software, an embroidery pattern will be created. This pattern follows the contrast outlines of the provided image, which will then be embroidered onto fabric where the chosen picture is already printed on. The feature is then filled up with wool to create a padding, this sensible structure allows users to physically experience valuable memories through touch.
Furthermore, as its features are only visible when the wearer allows them to, FIDLIE’s secretive nature enables the wearer to establish meaningful connections in a non-intrusive manner.


Activity Project 2 – Design

Year 2018

Duration Half-a-year

Prototype Clothing line with 3 implementations

Video prototype demonstration

The fast fashion industry is one of the most polluting industries today. One of its many reasons is over-consumption, as fast fashion clothing is a fast-response system that encourages disposability. This project is about providing a sustainable and fashionable solution for fashion enthusiasts in order to discourage the disposal of clothing.

I had prior knowledge about making clothes, this was extremely valuable also for my team members. I learnt them how to make patterns, even based on a personal design, and how to sew all the parts together. By doing explorations (alone and with others) I learned to think more outside of the box. I figured out that it could be handy to make samples on a larger scale. This way ideas can be explained to others more easily.