Studio Bruin

Industrial Design Studio & Photographer



Master Choice

Now that I am almost graduated from my bachelor Industrial Design, I am already looking to the future of my career. After graduating I will start the Industrial Design Master at the University of Technology Eindhoven. I choose this master, because the TU/e offers a very personal learning route. This fits my interest regarding becoming an individual designer. During this master track I would like to focus on behavioral change and tranformative design in combination with strategic design. These fields gained my interest during my bachelor. I will focus on courses regarding business & entrepreneurship and user & society to meet these interests.

When looking further into the future I see myself working on valuable designs with the ability to change societies and ways of looking at business strategies. But this is something that could still change over time. For now I will continue growing during my master. To become a designer with value.

I will also go on with developing myself outside of the curriculum. By reading books about aspects useful for my design career and I will keep on going inspiring myself with the work of others during exhibitions and the online environment.