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. Professional Identity .

People around me would say that I am ambitious. Personally, I would like to call it: wanting to learn things with ambitious aspects, because I like it to work hard for things. Sharing the knowledge I have is something that I do often. Everyone has their own story, their own skillset, and their own knowledge. Sharing this with each other could strengthen a bond or could be useful for one another. In a team, this is very valuable. Sharing knowledge also means transparency for me. I want to be transparent about what I do, to whom I work with, and to whom I design for.

You can trust me to come prepared. I work very organized. This means that I am aware of deadlines, meetings, and how long tasks could take to be finished. Being organized also has a downside. Whenever something changes, stress can occur. My organization skills also have another positive side: I can be a good leader in groups. I keep an overview, I listen, and I am responsive to other people. I can be quite assertive, but I try to give other people space too. Having an overview also comes in handy when working on business and strategic design aspects.

Next to doing my own work, I am always willing to help others. When I promised something I will keep that promise. This trait may also be an explanation of why I focus on users (and society) throughout my designs. I want my work to create value for them. I want my designs to be valuable and of good quality. Quality means that you can use them longer, which links to my sustainability interests. I am working on integrating sustainability more in my personal life and I almost always consider it during design projects regarding production, lifetime, and material usage. Besides all the serious aspects I am enjoying life and I am usually happy.

My interests are in soft things, visual storytelling, experiencing, and personal and societal change/growth.

. Vision .

I design for people/society to create value in their lives through products that tell helping and inspiring stories. This story can be part of the producer or the consumer of the design.  The consumer should receive a positive experience whenever using my design. The positive experience could come from the looks, the interaction, or the meaning it has for the consumer.

A lot of the things we do have an impact on the environment. The environment can be seen as the world but also as a society or a company. Our impacts could be positive and negative. I believe that we could have a more positive impact on our environments. My designs will be made in a sustainable way, from sustainable materials, and/or some would even inspire and help users to live in a better way for their environments.
Since I want to work transparently, I want to deliver transparent designs as well. This will be regarding the effect of usage, together with the transparency of the production (sustainability goals, etc.). This is a way to create awareness about everything behind the scenes and where products are coming from. I believe that transparency can build trust and can inspire people to think about things in a different way.

My designs will connect people, give them an experience, and will add value in their environments regarding (personal) growth for example.



  • Imaging
  • Taking different factors into account
  • Teaching team members to create fashion