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Professional Identity

I am a creative thinkerer who is not afraid of a challenge. I use my skills to think outside the box as an advance in ambitious projects. To pick-out the value and story and to lay focus on the things that make it work. Throughout projects I reflect on actions with strategic thinking. Is the concept still embracing the desired value? And will the project fit with the needs of the customer? Through creative diverging and strategic converging, my projects stay organized and relevant. With an outcome that fits the stated problem.

My organization skills are not only helpful in the iterative design process, it also helps in planning, preparing, and leading. I keep an overview, I listen, and I am responsive to other people. I am aware of deadlines, meetings, and how long tasks could take to be finished.

Personally, I am always willing to help others and easily put myself second. This might sound as a bad habbit. However, it fits really well with my desire in creating value for the user of my designs. And keeping the value as high as possible for the longest period of time through circular value based design. Value, for me, partially lays in how a design integrates with the life of the user(s). I am in favor of physical designs, however I always check whether that actually is the best solution. My interest in physical designs comes from my postphenomenology beliefs; that people experience and explore the world around them through touch (van Dongen, 2019).

I have a very open and positive personality, which resonates in my designs through positive experience design and transparency about what I do, who I work with, and who I design for.

My interests are in physical/hybrid design, unique positive user experiences, (soft) materials, and personal and societal change.


I believe that design has the power to create desired value for its users and society. On top of that, the environments they live in. Design should be used to create products and services that we actually need. Beautiful products that help with making people’s life positive, better, and more comfortable. As designers we need to be more aware of the personal, societal, and environmental impact our designs have. And create a positive effect in people’s multiple environments. An environment can be seen as the world but also personal, a society, or a company.

I believe that industrial designers can benefit from the technology revolution which is taking place. Through a critical view and with a focus on the user benefits, designers can create (hybrid) designs that solve complex problems. With the use of value based design, products and services can be tailored to the needs of the user, which is an important factor in my opinion. The right value and experience can be created through its looks, interaction style, and support. Value based design should not only be focussed on single use, also value based design in expanding the lifespan of a product through circular design principles. A shortage in materials and an overload in unused products demand a new way of thinking and designing, for a future where the loop is being closed.

I see design as a way to enhance people, bring a unique and innovative experience, be trustworthy, and create a positive effect and bring value to people and their environments.



  • Imaging
  • Taking different factors into account
  • Teaching team members to create fashion