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A music amplifier with lights and a fan

Creative Electronics we had to do some practical assignments. All these assignments were to get to know new electronics. How they work, how they can be used and what you are able to do with them. It was not only understanding, but also practicing.

I was in a group with Arnout Ulenberg, who had prior knowledge about electronics. He helped me throughout this project with learning about electronics, making schemes and reporting and documenting what we did, using the right language.

For our mini-project we designed a fan. This fan was 3D modeled and printed by Arnout and we build the circuits together. The video will explain the concept and final (working) design.


Activity Course – Creative Electronics

Year 2018

Duration 8 weeks

Prototype 3D printed amplifying speaker

Video Concept explanation

I thought I would learn to understand electrical circuits better. But I did not expect to get to know more electrical components and their applications. For example, during this course I got more insight in how wireless charging works. The way certain devices work is more clear to me after following the Creative Electronics course.

I am definitely able to use the gained knowledge in my future as a designer. Prototypes that have the possibility to work and to look just like the final product are valuable during the design process. Especially when working with a user group. It looks more professional and, even though the wizard of Oz technique can work too, you are better able of observing the user using the product without constantly hoping it will come out the way wanted.

This course set a good base for my electronic building skills. And with the guidance of an expert I am able to build things on my own.