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What stayed the same when Eindhoven changed

I have been working on a Lucid Design Case where I was asked to re-design the Dessert Boot from Clarks in honor of the 70th anniversary of the shoe. Together with my team, I created Stripe-C, a shoe that honors the Desert Boot but also the icons of Eindhoven that stayed the same in all those years while the city was changing. Just like the boot.

At first, the shoe has stripes, but when you use UV light the shoe reveals quotes and names of local Eindhoven heroes. Please check the video below to get an impression!


Activity Clarks x Lucid Design Case

Year 2020

Duration 2 weeks

Prototype A wearable Shoe

Video Concept video

We did not win the competition, but we ended in the top of the participants. We are proud of the hard work we put in the shoe together with the amazing result!