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To make scary public spaces more comfortable at night by means of light

Light to Touch is a project theme where we look at the possibilities of light for solving existing problems. Light affects organisms in deep and meaningful ways. It can influence mood, create atmospheres, indicate and signal things. Therefore light can be good way to solve problems in society and personal environments.

Within the theme ‘Light to Touch’, our preference was to design something for public spaces rather than for private use. This is mainly because we all worked on projects for private use before, and liked the challenge to take on another perspective.

One attribute of light that we found particularly interesting from our own experience is its capability to relieve feelings of danger. That is, small alleys and tunnels around town can be quite unheimlich at night, but not nearly as uncomfortable in daylight. Because we all can relate to this and because we see opportunities in this area, we decided to adopt the following objective:
“To make scary public spaces more comfortable at night by means of light.”

  • Making the first experiential prototype.
  • The Final Demo Day, real life experience of our idea.


Activity Project 1 – Design

Year 2018

Duration Half-a-year

Prototype 2 experiential prototypes

This design project was the first design project I had done which lasted half-a-year. In the first part of the project I was mostly working on the creative aspects of our project. This was something I was already familiar with, but still I learned a lot of new things. For example I learned how to stay coherent in every visual I made. Because they all had to represent our idea in the same style. During the first part I was also involved in the brainstorm sessions in a new way. Before every session I searched online for some new techniques which we tried during the meeting. These two examples were both part of my personal development plan and I think I ameliorated myself in both aspects. The same holds for making prototypes. Working with physical materials has always been something I really like. With working on the prototype I learned how you could work effectively with someone together (in my case I worked a lot on the prototype with Sarah).  I wrote several pieces for which I also needed to use literature references. Being able to translate the found information into a suiting piece of text which fits the project is something I found quite difficult. But I needed to work on this skill and I think that I managed to improve my writing and referencing skills during the project.