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Trends & Forecasting

introduced to strategic design

I went to the first Trends & Forecasting lecture with the idea that being able to spot trends and lines, within the world of design and/or technology, would make you able to find the current ideas of what people like. Next to that it will help with guiding your own design or with setting up a business plan for a company.

Was I right? In my opinion I was in the right direction of thinking. First I thought a trend was more in the direction of everyone wearing the same clothes, using the same colors and using the same materials. I never thought that there could also be trend in the medical industry for example. But making a design DNA of the MEDICA fair showed that also the medical industry knows trends. ‘You cannot possibly think outside the box unless you understand the nature of the box that bounds your current thinking.’(Zuzanna Skalska). I was already starting with getting to know my box.

  • Discussing and brainstorming about food as initial assignment. What is all connected to food?
  • Using value cards with the food brainstorm.
  • Working in a group on ideas to elevate the business future perspectives of Gastroback.
  • Dividing pictures made at the MEDICA Fair into groups. Our group presented the patterns/prints seen at the fair.
  • Working on concept ideations.
  • Creating the Designer DNA of Dieter Rams.
  • Presenting the ideology of Dieter Rams in a Dieter Rams style.


Activity Course – Trends & Forecasting

Year 2018

Duration 8 weeks

All of the assignments inspired me. After lecture I immediately wanted to use the tools I learned on everything that I did. There was one meeting where we did several assignments about food which were, at first, all standing apart from each other. In the end we needed to combine them to find a new business opportunity for a specific brand. We needed to work in groups, make mind-maps and we needed to use keyword-cards to explain what we exactly thought. This assignment showed me that you need to combine things to get a better or an interesting outcome.

Zuzanna Skalska learned me how I am able to use the explained tools in different areas of design. How I am able to make a strategic plan, create a design DNA (for a designer or for finding trends on a fair for example) and how I could sell my story as best to the audience. These tools helped me understand trends and brands in a better way. The tools made me possible to show a house style and to show in which gaps of an industry could lay opportunities. I was not able to do that before I started the course.

Right now I am able to see, and especially envision, what a trend and a style is and how I can use this to find innovative ideas. With the important part: sharing it with others.