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Sterk Brainstormen kaartenset – Horizonteer

Sterk brainstormen kaartenset

  • Company: Horizonteer
  • Co-developed with: Judith Ditscherlein & Floor van Osch
  • Year: 2023
  • Language: Dutch
  • Shop:

At Horizonteer they understand the power of strong brainstorming sessions. Their new Sterk Brainstormen Card Deck is the ultimate brainstorming tool for creatives, teams and entrepreneurs looking for limitless ideas and innovation.

With this card deck you can take your brainstorming sessions to a higher level. All brainstorm cards are imbued with the power of creative inspiration and innovation. It is your secret weapon to solve problems and discover new opportunities.

Do you want to stimulate your creativity? Looking for innovation in your company? Or are you looking for a gift for a creative person? These brainstorm cards are your opening to a world of innovative possibilities. Order yours today and watch ideas come to life.

developing an innovation tool to brainstorm!