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Sustainable clothing hanger

Making fashion warehouses more sustainable

I got in touch with a group from ‘The business plan project from TMO Fashion Business School’. They were working on a business project regarding making the fashion stock warehouses more sustainable. They wanted to do this trhough creating clothing hangers made from coffee grounds plastic (this is a new, sustainable, material). And by using a hanger that could be clicked together to make it stronger (for heavier items).

They asked me to work on the 3D models and the prototype of this concept, for them to show to their examiners.


Activity Freelance prototyping

Year 2021

Duration 8 weeks

Prototype 3D model + 3D print

After their project phase, they decided to continue their project. Therefore they needed a produceable 3D model and were in need of a presentable 3D animation that showed how the separate hangers could click together to make a stronger one.